Artist & Music Management

Will Atkinson

While others are restrained by genre restrictions Will Atkinson runs free refusing to conform or be pigeon holed.

Is he tech, trance, techno, progressive, acid, melodic or experimental?

He is all of them and so much more.

Genres mean rules and Will Atkinson is not one for rules.

Its Wills ambidextrous talent that has been the driving force behind his vast appeal and subsequent ever-growing army of passionate fans the world over. Coupled with his highly entertaining and humorous social media narrative, at last we have an artist vibrant with colour that offers a much needed alternative from the drab and monotone monotony that so many peers struggle to avoid.

Will Atkinson is an entity that congers up futuristic soundscapes for the jilted generation, sculpting masterpieces and then adding touches of pure insanity that only a mad man would dream of adding. And the fans love him for it. Responsible for 20 Beatport number 1s, multiple millions of streams across the DSPs plus over 100 BBC Radio 1 airplays the Scotsman who began mixing records at the age of 7 has certainly now come of age.

Tastemakers BBC Radio 1 recruited Will to join their illustrious Radio 1 Residency line up where he took over the prestigious airwaves every month for nearly two years.

His highly acclaimed debut artist album Last King of Scotland was the number 1 selling album on Beatport for three weeks post release.

Turn to Wills extensive discography and youll find a list packed with nothing but hits and anthems. Telescope, Last Rave On Earth, Rush, Long Way Home, Seventh Heaven, Didgeridoo, Autobahn, Fired Up, Leave A Message, Bloody Nora, Chasing After You, Lies Cost Nothing, Pat Butcher, Victims, Numb The Pain, Subconscious, Mesmerize (ft Rowetta from The Happy Mondays), The Gamer Changer, Fresh Meat all genre defining, chart topping, iconic titles that set the bar uncomfortably high for Wills peers to try and follow. Add his incredible remixes of massive titles such as JES Imagination and Sunlounger Ft Zara Lost.when it comes to writing and producing the boy can do no wrong.

Following a string of hit records released on the scenes coolest labels including VII, Subculture, Kearnage, FSOE, Spinnin, Armada, Perfecto Fluoro, Blackhole and Vandit Will recently launched his own label Victims Helpline. This new imprint showcases the diverse sounds Will loves and endorses ranging from rocking trance through to high octane hard dance. With this move Will now enjoys a wealth of new attention and praise from the hard dance world where the likes of Darren Styles have become firm fans and supporters of his 2022 sound.

Wills tour schedule reads like a catalogue of the coolest festivals and clubs in the world, Hes previously held a residency for Cream Ibiza and regularly played peak time performances at Tomorrowland, EDC Vegas, Coloursfest, Untold Festival, Unkonscious, EDC Mexico, Dreamstate, Beyond Wonderland, Creamfields, Luminosity, Electronic Family, BAT Buenos Aires, Subculture Australia, Paradigm Australia, Earthcore, Sunburn, A State of Trance and many more. Add to that a long list of gigs at the best clubs in the world there arent many corners of this globe or dance floors that the flying Scotsman hasnt already conquered.

Following the launch of his label Victims Helpline Will has now launched the first branded event We Are All Victims which will take place in Belfast this May. 2500 tickets and it has already sold out a testament to Wills fast rising popularity in the region.

Will is one of the founding members of the hottest collective in trance VII. This group of seven likeminded artists were hand picked for being the best at their respective fields within the genre and today they continue to fly the flag on the front lines of the underground scene.

Will Atkinson is on the front lines of cutting edge electronic music. No two records he releases sound the same because originality and pushing the envelope of creative possibility are always at the top of his priority list.

The future is bright.

The future is blue and white.

The Future belongs to Will Atkinson.

The true Last King Of Scotland.