Artist & Music Management

Selective Response

Techno is innovation.

Rules are the enemy of innovation.

Rules have run techno - for decades.

You work it out.

At the tip of the spear of Californias hard techno revolution sits Selective Response. A sharp, young alchemist and purveyor of devastatingly powerful, punk infused, raw, high paced techno that literally pulls its trousers down and pisses on the aforementioned rule book that the supposedly pioneering genre has made its bible for too long.

Favoured and championed by the likes of Dax J, Rebekah, I Hate Models, Perc, Cleric, Amelie Lens and many more - Selective Response is on the front lines of hard energy techno, industrial, EBM, and electro. His attitude is hard to pinpoint but when I asked him to do so he said of course I can go harder.

Ok, and what about the name Selective Response. Where did that come from?

No answer.

Live fast. Fucking fast.